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How to Make Facebook Completely Private

If you want to crank up the privacy on your Facebook account so that it’s only open to your friends or a select group of people and not to the public, then follow the instructions here to set up your account that way. You may want to do this if you have a stalker or […]

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Facebook Live

How Do I Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications?

So Facebook came out with “Facebook Live” where you can broadcast live video to your friends. There are even TV commercials encouraging people to use Facebook Live. The problem is, you get notified whenever one of your friends goes live. This might be great sometimes but it can also be downright annoying. Here’s how to […]

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Facebook Messenger

How Often are Facebook Messages Not Delivered?

Question I sent my friend a message and she swears she responded but I never got it So is she lying? Answer Well, there can be problems with delivering messages from time to time, so don’t be too quick to think that your friend might be lying to you. If .01% don’t get delivered, then […]

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How to View Someone’s Facebook Profile Without Them Knowing

If you’re asking yourself how to view somebody’s Facebook profile without them knowing, then you already know or suspect people can find out who views their profile and you’re right about that. So the trick is how to get around them knowing. 1. They Might Not Even Notice First, that trick to find out who […]

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Happy Birthday

How Should I Reply to “Happy Birthday” Messages on Facebook?

Question When people send me birthday wishes on Facebook, do I reply to them? If so, how should I do it? Answer Yes, when a birthday rolls around, people are often flooded with messages from friends. It’s great but what’s the etiquette? You have a few options: Do nothing but later (maybe at the end […]

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Facebook Says Someone Accepted My Friend Request But I Never Sent One

Question I just got an email saying that someone has confirmed me as a friend on Facebook but I never sent a friend request! Has my account been hacked? What should I do? Answer You have to be a little cautious here. If it’s an email that you received, check who the email is from […]

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What Does the Moon Symbol Mean Next to Someone’s Name on the Chat List on Facebook?

Question Okay I’m pretty sure I know the answer but on Facebook what does the little moon symbol mean next to someone’s name on the chat list? I’m pretty sure I know but I want to be %100 sure. Answer Yes, the symbols next to people in the chat window can be a little confusing. […]

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