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How to Turn Off the Sound on Facebook Videos

Facebook started playing the sound when videos load. You might not want your phone making noise when you’re scrolling through Facebook, so here’s how to set it to how it was – so that videos play muted until you turn the sound on yourself. Go to the button on the bottom right on your smart […]

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Unfollowed on Facebook, not notified

Unfollow Someone Without Unfriending Them

If I Unfollow Someone, Do They Know? If you’re starting to see too many posts from a certain friend and you’d rather not see their incessant ramblings but you still want to be their friend, you have some options. Hide Post – You can hide the post to say you’d rather not see things like […]

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Keep me Logged in is Missing

The “Keep Me Logged In” Check Box on Facebook is Missing

The “Keep Me Logged In” check box that was on the Facebook login page is missing. What happened to it? You won’t find that option anymore because Facebook removed it. Here’s proof that it was there and now they have removed it – forever, it seems… Before: After:   People would make sure that box […]

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If I Deactivate my Facebook Account, Will my Relationship Status be Cleared?

Question If I deactivate my account on Facebook will the person I’m currently in a relationship with still have my name next to their “In a relationship with” tab? Or will it just clear that and not show anything? Someone else asked: If I deactivate my Facebook account, will my partner’s relationship status still show […]

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Can the Police Read Private Facebook Messages?

Question: Can the police see private Facebook messages and events or see deleted messages? Answer: Yes, kind of. Facebook has a loose partnership with police forces that they use. Facebook does scan messages for criminal activities. Why? Probably because they have a reputation they’ve invested in. If Facebook became a place for criminals to hang […]

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How to Make Facebook Completely Private

If you want to crank up the privacy on your Facebook account so that it’s only open to your friends or a select group of people and not to the public, then follow the instructions here to set up your account that way. You may want to do this if you have a stalker or […]

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