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How Can I Contact Facebook?

There are a few ways you can get a hold of someone at Facebook if you have a problem, concern or question.

Contact Facebook Help Desk

This website is just a help forum. This is not the official Facebook website. Below is how to contact Facebook directly:

Facebook’s Phone Number – VERIFIED

Here is Facebook’s phone number if you need to talk to someone:


This number has been verified. You’ll dial it and hit “1” for Facebook support.

How to Spot a Fake Facebook Phone Number / Scam

There are a lot of fake Facebook numbers out there like “844-829-XXXX” numbers. If you Google (search) those numbers, you’ll see they also say they are support for GMail and other services.

If the same phone number is for both Facebook, Microsoft and Google support (which are different companies entirely), then you know these numbers are fake. You’ll probably be charged money for that support or they may even hijack your web browser.

Don’t dial those numbers.

Facebook’s Address / Where Facebook is Located

1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Report a Problem to Facebook

If you think there’s a problem with how Facebook works, then you can report problems to them. Here’s a page that explains how to do that:

How do I report a problem with Facebook? (facebook.com)

More Resources

And here’s a video with some more info, which may help you:

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