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Happy Birthday

How Should I Reply to “Happy Birthday” Messages on Facebook?

Question When people send me birthday wishes on Facebook, do I reply to them? If so, how should I do it? Answer Yes, when a birthday rolls around, people are often flooded with messages from friends. It’s great but what’s the etiquette? You have a few options: Do nothing but later (maybe at the end […]

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How to Change Your Profile Picture Without Notifying Everyone

Question I changed my Facebook profile picture before and all my friends were notified and I got all kinds of comments. I want to change my picture again but I don’t want that notification to go out. How can I update my Facebook picture without anyone knowing? Answer Yeah, we’ve all been in that situation. […]

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How to Change Who Can See My Relationship Status on Facebook

Ever want to find out who can see your relationship status on Facebook? Here is how to change who can view it. Related Searches:change who can see your relationship status on facebook

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Safely See If You Have Any Facebook Stalkers

Question Can people tell who looks at their Facebook profile? Answer Here’s how to see who has been viewing your Facebook profile. This works but it takes a few steps (easy to follow) and it does it without installing any browser extensions or software, which makes it safe to do. Go to Facebook. Right click […]

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